The need for a towing service may arise anywhere and at any time. A car is nothing but a machine, and there are no guarantees that it won’t break down – ever. Finding yourself in a situation where you have no option but to call for assistance can be scary if it’s your first time. With towing scams doing rounds on the media, the fear is justified.

However, you can keep yourself and your car safe from becoming a victim to any such scams or getting stuck with an unreliable towing company if you take the following precautions that we have listed down below.

1. Enquire About Truck Type

Not all towing companies are the same. Every towing company uses a different type of towing truck. You should always enquire about the type of towing truck a company will be using beforehand. The best kind of towing truck is a flatbed type. Flatbed towing trucks ensure that your vehicle is completely on a flatbed instead of having a part of it hanging above the ground. It reduces the risk of your vehicle getting damaged. Many towing companies still use the hook and chain trucks that are not only unsafe but poses dangers of damage to your car. A reliable towing company would always assure you with honest answers to your inquiries.

2. Check If the Driver Is Licensed

The biggest fear of working with a towing company for the first time is not knowing how well trained the drivers are. Driving a towing vehicle is nothing like driving a regular car, and the only way of knowing if the driver is experienced is to enquire if the driver is licensed. If the driver does have a license, it shows that they have had proper training, passed all necessary exams, and is competent enough at their job. You will feel more at ease handing your vehicle over to them. A reliable towing company would never dodge your query and will respond straight-up since a reliable company will always have drivers with valid licenses.

3. Choosing the Right Towing Company

The wisest precaution to take is to do your research before ending up in a situation where you’ll need a towing company’s assistance. Doing your homework as a precautionary measure will allow you to look into every aspect which you might not have the time for at the spot. You can have a look at the customer reviews on their website, compare rates, and even ask around for recommendations. Gathering all this information after your car has broken down in the middle of nowhere is just not possible, and the chances of being stuck with the wrong towing company are also higher.


It’s always better to be safe than sorry. To make sure that you aren’t stuck with the wrong towing company, you need to take some precautions. If you’re smart and proactive enough, you and your vehicle will both end up in the safe hands of a reliable towing company.