There are several reasons why your car may break down. But did you know that the weather also affects your vehicle’s performance and can contribute to the potential breakdown of your car? Indeed, outside temperature has a significant impact on your car’s performance, and it’s particularly a concern during the hot summers. Let’s look at some of the reasons your car could break down this summer.


It seems like a natural consequence of driving during hot weather. When the outside air is hot, your car’s cooling system has to work harder, affecting the strength of your car’s cooling system. Moreover, drivers seldom give enough thought to the car’s coolant, which is integral, especially during the hot weather. As a result, it can cause your vehicle to overheat and break down.

Another potential problem associated with overheating is brake failure. If the brake fluid heats up and starts boiling, it can leave your brakes technically ineffective, and you might not be able to stop your vehicle, which is a very dangerous situation.

You can avoid this inconvenience by regularly replenishing the coolant in your car and scheduling your vehicle’s regular maintenance. But in case you didn’t, and your vehicle broke down, it’s best to have details of a reliable towing company so you can have peace of mind.

Dead Battery

While most people associate a dead battery with cold weather, that’s not always the case. Even the hotter outside temperature can put extra stress on your battery and can cause the battery fluid to evaporate. The chemical reaction taking place in the absence of battery fluid can corrode the battery and break down your car.

Low Oil

Apart from the coolant, another fluid that plays an integral role in maintaining your engine’s temperature is motor oil. If you have low motor oil, it can also cause your engine to overheat, and your car may break down in the middle of the road.


Summer heat generally does not affect your vehicle’s belts, but if you already have old and worn-out belts, the summer heat could be the last nail in the coffin. In case your belt fails, your car will break down, or you may not be able to start it at all. Therefore, it is always recommended to schedule regular maintenance of your car to determine the condition of different parts of your vehicle, including belts.

There are several other reasons why your car may break down during summer. So it’s always best to keep your vehicle in great shape every time you plan a trip. However, despite all preventive measures, if your car breaks down at the most unexpected time, know that Salt Lake City Towing is a reliable towing partner. We provide 24/7, 365 days a year emergency towing service. To find out more about us, get in touch now.