Driving in the rain could be therapeutic and relaxing. However, it could also be very dangerous and even fatal if you’re not careful, speed unnecessarily, or drive a vehicle withouth proper tire maintenance. In October 2021, a local news station in Utah reported 49 overnight car crashes due to the rain. This makes it even more crucial to be prepared and mindful when driving when it’s pouring outside.

Below are five safety tips that could prevent you from the dangers of driving in the rain.


1. Drive Slow

Rain, especially when it’s heavy, reduces visibility. The roads getslippery and the friction between your car’s tires and the road is reduced. Driving at a high speed could easily spin your car out of control resulting in a crash. When the weather is this bad, driving slowly is crucial to remain safe. Slow speeds increase your control on the car and chances of the car slipping and spinning out are reduced.

2. Know Where You Have to Go in Advance

If you are not sure about your destination or the route in advance, driving in the ran could get dangerous. When it is raining, concentration is everything. Having to check the GPS frequently could distract you from the road. Few seconds of distraction could result in a crash. Hence, plan your trip beforehand!

3. Refrain from Using Cruise Control

Driving at a fixed speed may sound like a good idea for driving in the rain, but it’s actually not. If the road is very wet, your car might hydroplane. If this happens while your car is set to the cruise control mode, your car will accelerate more while hydroplaning. It would quickly result in you losing control of the car, which increases the chances of a crash.

4. Maintain Distance from Other Vehicles

When the roads are slippery, every vehicle on the road is at risk. Even if you follow the safety guidelines, you are still at risk from other drivers. Maintaining a safe distance between your car and other vehicles around you is essential. This would give you more time to react and act in case a vehicle around you loses control.

5. Keep Your Car’s Headlights On

Having your car’s headlights on would help you see the road better. It would also allow other drivers on the road to see you. However, make sure not to use your car’s headlights on the high-beam setting. The rain reflects the high-beam, making it harder for you to look at the road.

Ask for Help!

Rainy season in Utah could be dangerous, even for experienced drivers. Even the slightest bit of neglect or distraction could result in a crash or even death.

Practicing the safety measures we’ve mentioned above decrease the chances of crashing; however, one could still crash. If you find yourself in such a situation, call a professional towing company to come to get your car.

If rainwater has seized your car’s engine and your car would not start, call a towing company for their jump start service.