If your car has broken down in the middle of nowhere or you have gotten into a collision with another car and has damaged your car in the process, you will be eager to get your car towed to the nearest auto repair shop.

Here’s a piece of advice – before you decide to call a car tow service, make sure you consider the following necessary things so that you face no trouble getting out of a sticky situation.

1.    Contact Your Car Insurance Company

First and foremost, you should call your car insurance company. Depending on the situation, your insurer will guide you on what you need to do next. A professional insurance company will hook you up with the right towing company that offers reasonable towing rates and ensures your car is picked up and repaired without any delay.

2.    Check Whether or Not Your Car Needs to be Towed

In an unfortunate car event, your first instinct is probably to call a tow truck immediately. However, sometimes what happens is that the car suffers from damages, but it’s still fit to drive. For instance, your car may have collided with another car, but you can still drive your vehicle.

Before you call a tow service, try starting your engine and see if you can move it. Make sure your vehicle is free of fluid leaks, the mirrors and headlights are intact, and brakes and steering feel right. If not, call a tow service!

3.    Give Correct Instructions to the Driver

Once the tow truck arrives, make sure you tell the driver where you want your car to be dropped off. If the driver is not certain of the location or which route to take, explain it in clear and simple language.

Once you have given all the instructions, ask the tow driver to repeat what you have just told them. This will make it clear if they have understood everything correctly.

4.    Prepare Your Vehicle for the Towing Process

Before you let your car go away on a tow truck, make sure your automobile is free of your necessities and valuables.

Also, don’t forget to take detailed photos of all the damages – from both the inside and outside the car.

5.    Read the Contract Before Signing It Up

Don’t rush the towing process. Take your time and ensure all the essential work is done in the right way. Make sure you have read the paperwork carefully before signing it or making a payment. In case you’re not certain about anything, ask.

Follow these tips before you call a towing service or when you are getting your car ready for a tow. For more information, click here.