Getting stranded on the road with a noncooperative car most definitely lies high up on the list of things that drive people up the wall. However, unlike most infuriating things, getting stuck midway on a journey is easily manageable, thanks to towing companies. But not everyone feels the same. Many drivers and car owners consider roadside assistance a redundant, overpriced service because of all the circling misconceptions about towing companies.

Like most things in the world, towing companies are also badmouthed by naysayers, driving people away from a super helpful service unnecessarily. Considering that, we decided to bust all the baseless myths about towing companies and set the record straight once and for all.

Here are the most common misconceptions people spread about roadside assistance.

Towing Companies Only Tow

While towing is an essential service that a towing company provides, it is certainly not the only one. Many people assume that if they’re are stuck on the road with a flat tire or dead batteries, calling a towing company would be futile. But that’s far from the truth.

Towing companies offer a lot more than just providing transportation for a broken car. From changing a flat tire to boosting batteries, a towing agency provides every kind of assistance to drivers stuck on the road.

Some may even help people locked out of their cars; now, that clearly doesn’t qualify as towing an automobile.

Towing Companies Are Unreasonably Expensive.

Well, first of all, most service providers charge a decent amount of fare for their services. However, that doesn’t mean they are ripping customers off. If you think about it, any assistance you receive entails much more than just the physical aspect of the job. For instance, when you hire a plumber, they not only fix your home’s plumbing but also use supplies that have a cost of their own.

Similarly, when a towing team sends over a truck with professionals to help you out on the road, they are spending quite the pretty penny on getting you out of trouble. How? The fuel they exhaust to get to you, the implements they will use to fix your car, and the gas they’ll spend to bring your vehicle to a garage- all that is worth a substantial amount of money. So, the amount they ask for in return anything but unreasonable.

Moreover, every towing agency is different and has varying rates; if you choose a reliable company, you will get the best value for money.

Towing Damages Your Car

In all honesty, this piece of misinformation is quite offensive for professionals who work in the towing industry. Like every skilled artisan, towing company employees are trained professionals that know their job inside out. They are never going to let your car be exposed to any kind of potential damage.

Moreover, if you hire a reputable company, the chances are they’ll have insurance that’ll provide security for your vehicle in case of harm done to it by the employees.

Don’t let groundless misconceptions stop you from asking for help at a time when you need it the most! Hire a top towing company without any reservations when you find yourself stuck on the road.