State-wide analysis shows that the average rate of road accidents in the United States of America is 5.25 million accidents every year. Moreover, the number of accidents or roadside vehicle breakdowns is also high in the state of Utah.

Hence, professional tow truck companies are often contacted all over the USA for multiple different reasons. The cost of the tow truck service usually depends on the type and size of the vehicle it has to tow. Usually, a tow truck service will take under an hour to reach the site of the accident or vehicle breakdown; however, that depends on where the incident takes place.

Continue reading below to learn about the top three reasons for contacting a tow truck company.

Top Three Reasons for Contacting a Tow Truck Company

When a Vehicle Runs Out of Gas or Electric Charge

It is not uncommon for a gas-powered or electric vehicle to run out of fuel or battery charge while traveling for long durations. Although most American highways do have gas and supercharging stations, many roads still do not.

In such cases, when a vehicle runs out of gas with no help nearby, they have no option but to call a professional tow truck company. They can contact the company, explain to them the problem, give them the exact location and request fuel delivery service. A professional tow truck company will be able to bring the person fuel in a time-efficient manner.

However, only a few new towing companies can bring charging to an electric car. An electric vehicle owner usually has to request a flatbed in order to get their vehicle towed to the nearest charging station.

When a Vehicle has Become Immobile Due to an Accident

Not all road accidents are severe enough to affect a vehicle’s mobility. Accidents that cause some scratches or dents to the vehicle usually do not require the driver to contact a tow truck service.

However, in more extreme cases, when either the vehicle’s engine is damaged or its tires have ruptured, the driver will have no option but to call a tow truck assistance to tow their vehicle to the nearest workshop.

They need to contact a tow truck company and give out their exact location details. An additional safety tip is to keep the headlights turned on so other vehicles can spot the accident and slow down.

In Cases of Extreme Weather

Heavy rainfall, a snowstorm, or excessive heat can cause a vehicle to break down. If a vehicle is driven through flooded roads, the rainwater could enter its engine and cause it to seize. Moreover, excessive heat exposure can cause the engine wiring to melt and consequently make the vehicle immobile.

In such cases, calling a professional tow truck service can save a person and their vehicle from getting stranded in extreme weather conditions.

Final Thoughts

Calling a tow truck service in cases of accidents, fuel shortage, or engine seizure is a smart idea. A professional tow truck company can locate the affected car in a timely fashion and save the passengers from getting stranded.