A seasoned driver might be able to tell that their car is about to break down before it actually gives way. For someone who knows the ins and outs of their car and has been driving for a very long time, it shouldn’t be hard to detect the signs that a car shows just before it breaks down.

A car is a machine after all. It won’t break down all of a sudden. It’ll only break down if you don’t address any minor issues that got a chance to become big. And you, as a driver, would know exactly what needs to be fixed in your car.

If you don’t consider yourself an expert on the subject and would like to know the signs that a car shows just before it breaks down, continue reading this blog post ahead.

Your Car Won’t Start in One Go

If you face trouble starting your car, consider it a warning sign. If your car isn’t starting in a single attempt, it might break down midway. If you hear a click sound when you try to start or car and your dash lights turn on, there might be a problem with the starter. However, if your dash lights don’t light up when you try to start your car, it’s a sign that your battery is about to die.

Oil Spots

If you notice oil spots under your car, take the car to the car mechanic instead of your destination. Oil spots are an indication that there’s an oil leak that needs to be addressed. If you don’t address it, it’ll lead to bigger problems and greater wear tear of the engine parts. And that will eventually result in your car breaking down. If that happens while you’re away from home, you may need to call a towing service. It’s best if you’re vigilant around your car, just to be sure you won’t get stranded midway.

Car Heating Up

If you see the temperature scale of your car going up, you need to be alarmed. It’s a sign that your car engine is heating up and your car will stop dead anytime. In that case, the first thing that you should do is stop the car and call a towing service to come to your rescue.

Check Engine Light is On

If your Check Engine light is flashing, don’t ignore it. It’s indicating that you need to check your engine and that there’s some problem that needs attention. If you ignore it, you’ll find yourself stranded when you least expect it.

If you look closely, it’s not hard to tell that your car is about to break down. Though you can tell every time, if you’re vigilant enough, you can prepare yourself most of the time. However, if your car does break down despite taking all necessary precautions, never jeopardize your safety. Call a reliable towing service to come to your rescue. Staying on the road, trying to fix things yourself isn’t a wise thing to do.