Imagine this: You get an important phone call, you pulled over to receive it. As you turned back to your car once the call is over, you get the biggest shock of your life: you have been locked out of the car. Panic, everywhere. Even reading this may have given you goosebumps.

Have you pictured yourself in such a scenario? You’d be surprised to know how common it is for people to get locked out of their car. This is why we have compiled some tips for you so that if you ever encounter such a situation, you’d know what to do.

1. Stay Calm

We know it is frustrating for you to see that you have locked yourself out. You have to be somewhere and now you are deserted in the middle of the road. In such moments, you are tempted to forcefully push the door open. We advise you not to do it. Yes, you are locked out and yes, we understand that it is important for you to get in the car. But mishandling your car may lead to many costly damages. Instead of panicking and forcefully handling the lock in hopes that it will open miraculously, relax and look for other options.

2. Spare Key

Have you wisely invested in the replacement keys? Those keys can help you in these time of need. If you know where you have kept them, you can ask your friend or a family member to bring them to you.

3. Roadside Assistance

A good way to deal with this situation in a timely manner is to call roadside assistance. Towing companies have relevant tools that can allow you to open the car door without causing any serious damages. These professionals have a quick response time and they reach the place on time to resolve the issue instantly. If you don’t want a third party to handle your car lock, you can also avail the towing service to get your car to the showroom so that you can claim your warranty and get the lock fixed by the company.

4. Break the Window

Breaking the windows of the car in case of a lockout is not a wise decision. But in case of emergency, for instances, if you have a child or a pet inside the car, this step can be taken. It gives us the chills to even think about the horrors of having a small child or a pet locked inside the car, but try to stay calm and call for help to make the rescue as quickly as possible. When it comes to breaking the window, try to break the glass whose pieces won’t hurt your child or pet. Car windows are not broken easily and you have to exert high pressure on them. Just make sure that whatever you are using to break the window doesn’t hurt the child or pet desperately waiting for help inside the car.


Getting locked out of the car is a common occurrence. It can be dangerous if you have any loved one trapped inside. Always call for roadside assistance to deal with such scenarios.