We live in a world where almost everything has an alternative. An alternative way of solving nearly any issue in a way that benefits you is always readily available. While we agree that in most cases DIY solutions work pretty much the same and are very efficient, when it comes to towing, you should not even consider doing it yourself.

There are several reasons due to which we are so confident as to why this should never be an option. One of them is the fact that unlike other issues in which there are some exceptions for you to try DIY, here there are zero exceptions. You should always, and by this, we mean always call a tow truck service and never try to do it yourself.

While most of you would agree with us on this consensus, for those who are curious as to why exactly is it not an option, here is a list of top 3 reasons why trying to take matters in your hand is not recommended at all and how calling a professional is always the best decision.

1.    The Damage

One of the major reasons why trying something like this on your own is what you should never even think about is the danger that is involved. Keep in mind that here we are not just talking about the potential danger to the towing vehicle and the one being towed, but also to you and other people on the road.

If you try to tow a vehicle yourself and end up not doing it probably there can be worst-case scenarios that you do not even want to think about. Hence, getting involved in a task that can create accidents and risk the lives of people is surely not the right decision to make.

2.    The Equipment

This is one of the reasons why there is no exception when it comes to towing. Having your car towed requires more than just skills. Even if you think that you have the right set of skills or maybe you have the hands to complete the process, you may still lack proper equipment that a professional not only has access to but is also well trained on how to use them.

Hence, trying to do it yourself without the proper skill and equipment is not recommended. Even if you think you can arrange the tools, there is a maximum towing capacity that even the tow truck drivers have to keep in mind even though those trucks are designed for this work only. So, you will probably end up exceeding the towing capacity if you use any other vehicle for the said purpose which will eventually result in further damage.

3.    The Driving

While you may think that you can handle the task of towing a car successfully, you are still not experienced enough to drive a towing vehicle. A tow truck service will make sure that they have skilled drivers who know how to alter their driving techniques according to the type of vehicle that is being towed. A normal driver would surely no know all these intricacies which eventually results in added risk.


If you are ever stuck in such a situation, make sure you contact the towing company near you instead of ever trying to do it yourself and risk your life and others while damaging the vehicles as well. For any further query or services, feel free to call us at 801-701-1233!