During the holiday season and over long weekends, most families plan road trips to the city’s outskirts. And it is an increasingly popular practice amidst the pandemic as people now prefer to travel by road. But that would mean spending more time on the roads (and highways). By rule, the longer you stay on the road, the greater your car’s risk for breaking down. If you are within the city limits, getting help is easier and quicker, but things are different on the highway.

So what to do in case your car breaks down unexpectedly on the highway? This post looks at four things to do when your car breaks down on a highway.

Calm Down

A car breakdown in the city outskirts can be terrifying, and it can quickly turn on your panic mode. But that’s not the right way to deal with the situation. Indeed, the car breaks down on a highway is difficult, but you can only come with a reasonable solution if you calm down and think positively. So in case of a car emergency on a highway, you should look at the positive side. Take a deep breath, calm down and then come up with an action plan. The quicker you calm down, the better it is for you and your car, as you will be able to come with an action plan sooner.

Deal with Your Car Gently

Your car breaks down on the highway, but you don’t have to be furious with it. Make sure you don’t hit the brakes dramatically or accelerate it intensely to get it started. Accept that your car is not functioning as it should, and take your foot gently off the gas. Then turn off your engine. If you push your car harder to get it moving, there are more chances of damaging it further.

Be gentle on your car, and make sure you try your best to avoid bumping into another car.

Notify the Traffic

Your car is not functioning, but that can be a hazard for the oncoming vehicles on the highway. So as soon as you realize that there is some trouble with your vehicle, be sure to turn on your hazard light. It is even better to attach a colorful flag to your car antenna. These measures are important to reduce the risk of accidents on the highway. Moreover, they can also help the police or highway assistance to find you out easily.

Call for Help

Once you realize that your car is broken down, identify whether you can resolve the issue independently. If not, then instead of wasting time, call for reliable roadside assistance or towing service. If you are nearby Salt Lake City, reach out now for the best roadside assistance and towing services.