Towing Services

Lock yourself out of your vehicle? Not a problem. We can assist you in opening your car or truck so you don't have to break any windows!

Towing Near Me is in high demand due to the constant needs for towing services in Salt Lake City. If your looking for towing service near me please give salt lake towing company a call!

Need roadside towing assistance? Your in luck! We offer fast and affordable roadside tow trucks 24/7. We are here for you for all your emergency towing needs!

Need a tire change? Flat tire? Popped tire? Whatever the case, we can help replace your tire with your spare or we can tow you to the nearest tire shop to swap it out. Call us now!

Dead battery? Car won't start? Vehicle stuck with no power? We are here to the rescue! Give us a call so we can jump start your car or truck battery and help you get back on the road ASAP!

Run out of gas? We're you forgetful or did you push your vehicles limits? No worries - we provide fuel delivery directly to you know matter where your are. We will fill you up with enough gas to get you to the nearest gas station. Call us!

We offer Towing Services to Fit Every Need!

With Salt Lake City Towing; Operating Across Utah, and Salt Lake City

Most towing services can handle short-distance towing jobs for light vehicles, but Salt Lake City Towing offers so much more. We have multiple specialized tow trucks ready to tow in a variety of situations. From heavy-duty to winch-outs and off-recovery service, we have the equipment and know-how to help.

Steps To Towing in Salt Lake City


Call Us ASAP: 801-701-1233

When your vehicle won't start or if your in a accident, call us immediately and we will dispatch a tow truck to assist you!


We Pick You Up

When the tow truck arrives we will load your vehicle onto our tow truck and we can even transport you with your vehicle to your drop off location!


Make Your Payment

Upon either pick-up or delivery and after your vehicle is safely loaded or unloaded we will request payment from your with either cash, check or card. That's it. We wish you the best moving forward!

Additional Towing Services

Flatbed Towing

In certain situations, you need some added peace of mind. At Salt Lake City Towing our flatbed tow trucks can provide just that. If your towing job involves:

  • A heavy truck or SUV with a gross weight of over 10,000 pounds. Then our regular hoists may not be able to provide the clearance your vehicle needs. Instead we’ll find a heavy duty-rig that can lift your vehicle up entirely, and secure it in the truck bed.
  • A 4WD vehicle. Then towing just the back wheels of your car may seriously damage the transmission. Rather than trying to disengage the drive train, we provide easy flatbed towing.
  • Long distance towing. Putting your rear wheels through the stress of a long-distance haul can cause serious wear and tear; we’d rather lift it up, and secure it to ensure safe delivery.
  • Luxury car. When you’re moving an expensive piece of machinery you want to minimize the chances of damage, that’s why we offer flatbed towing for all vintage, classic and luxury cars.
  • Junk car. If your axle is non-functional then traditional wheel lift towing won’t work, you’re better off with flatbed towing.

Heavy-Duty Towing

Our professional service operators come ready with the necessary expertise and equipment to handle towing jobs on the largest scale. Just let us know beforehand which equipment and commercial vehicles you need moved and we’ll take care of the rest.

Call Salt Lake City Towing if you’re looking to tow:

  • Heavy machinery
  • Cargo
  • Busses
  • Tankers
  • Lorries
  • Oversized loads
  • Semi-trucks
  • Tractor trailers
  • RVs

Light / Medium Towing

For cars and trucks weighing less than 10,000 pounds, the wheel lift tow truck is generally the most efficient way of getting your vehicle to a nearby service station. We’ll simply hook the metal yoke under your front axle, while the pneumatic hoist lifts the front bumper up to avoid any damage to your vehicle.


If your vehicle is stuck in mud, sand, snow or a plain old ditch, you’ll need specialized extrication services from Salt Lake City Towing. Just let us know the exact location, and condition of your car and we’ll send out a tow truck with the necessary equipment pull your vehicle free, safely and securely.

Once we’ve got your car back on to a solid surface we can assess the damage. If your car is non-functional we’ll tow it to the nearest service station.