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Winter Care for Your Car

Having your car break down right in the middle of the road is frustrating. What is even more troubling is when your car comes to an abrupt halt during a snowstorm. The extreme weather condition makes it impossible for you to either sit in the car for long or come out of the car to…

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4 Things to Do if Your Child Is Trapped in a Car

Every other day, we read horrific news stories relating to toddlers or schoolgoing children getting trapped inside a car. Even though parents are always vigilant and do everything they can to protect their children, they cannot possibly prevent accidents. Also, at a young age, toddlers are more adventurous and love to try out different things.…

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What to Do in Case of Car Lockout

Imagine this: You get an important phone call, you pulled over to receive it. As you turned back to your car once the call is over, you get the biggest shock of your life: you have been locked out of the car. Panic, everywhere. Even reading this may have given you goosebumps. Have you pictured…

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My Car Won’t Start: Diagnosing the Problems

Towing truck

Your car breaking down on the highway and refusing to start can be a terrifying experience. There can be many reasons why your car won’t start. Ignition Issues If the car’s ignition switch is faulty, the car will not start no matter what you try. The ignition switch is the master switch that controls all the…

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When to Hire a Tow Truck?

A yellow towing truck

The thought of your car breaking down somewhere in the middle of nowhere sounds scary and frustrating. You may not always know what to do with your car when something like this happens. So, what should you do? A simple answer is – Hire a towing truck. But wait. Hiring a towing truck can cost…

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What To Do When The Dreaded Gas Light Comes On?

Imagine you are driving on a highway and suddenly you the see the fuel light coming on. It is one of the most dreadful sights for drivers, but it has happened to almost all of us. While ideally you should not drive your car on empty and call for roadside assistance, there are a few…

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