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Roadside Assistance You Can Rely On With Salt Lake Tow Truck.

Providing Peace of Mind to Drivers across Utah, and Salt Lake City for 20 Years

The simplest mechanical fault can leave you and your loved ones stranded on the side of the road; and that’s not the time to start researching reliable towing services in Utah, and Salt Lake City. You need assistance and you need it fast, and that’s what Salt Lake Tow Truck provides at any time; no matter where you’re located in-state.

But What Could Go Wrong…

Flat Tire

7 tire punctures happen every second, that’s more than 220 million tire punctures ever year in the United States alone.  But you don’t need statistics to tell you, a flat tire can happen in any situation; all you need to know is that Salt Lake Tow Truck has your back.

With our responsive roadside assistance services available across Salt Lake City, you don’t have to worry about having the right equipment, or crawling around on the ground in your Sunday best. Simply give us a call and we’ll be at your location in a few minutes, ready to take care of the replacement; so you and your family can get back on the road as soon as possible.

Empty Gas Tank

Did you know that running your car on empty causes premature damage to your fuel pump that could cause it to fail? Why take that chance?

 if you’re halfway through your journey and you find yourself miles away from a gas station, then call Salt Lake Tow Truck instead. We’ll deliver enough fuel to get you to the nearest service station at current pump price rates. 

Issues with the Car Key

The American Automobile Association reports calls from a staggering 4,000,000 locked-out motorists every year! But that’s not much consolation when you can’t get into your vehicle; especially if you’re in a rush or parked at an unsafe location.

Never fear, at Salt Lake Tow Truck can bring a certified locksmith to your location anywhere in Salt Lake City. No matter, whether your keys have been lost, stolen, broken or simply forgotten inside your car; we’ll have you back on the road in no time, with no damage to your vehicle.

Dead Battery

Did you leave a headlight on? Been having issues with your alternator? Do you really feel like hanging out on the side of the road waiting for a good Samaritan to offer you a boost? Call Salt Lake Tow Truck anywhere in Utah or Salt Lake city and we’ll send an experienced service technician, to test, jump-start and if necessary even replace your battery.  

Or Just Need a Tow

Mud, snow and rain can lead even the most experienced driver off course, and getting stuck can be a scary experience. That’s when you need to reach for the phone and call our experienced service technicians, we have special winch equipment and heavy-duty trucks that can extricate even the heftiest vehicle from the stickiest of situations.