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If Your Car is Parked and Just Won’t Start, You Might Be Dealing with the Following Issues:

  • The engine cranks when you turn the key, but the car just won’t kick into gear.
  • No lights, no sound and certainly no action
  • You really have to work the peddle and twist the key, to get even the faintest signs of life from your engine

For Any of These Problems There’s Only One Solution

You Need a Boost!

At Salt Lake City Towing, we’re ready To Jump Start Your Vehicle 24/7, Anywhere in Utah, or Salt Lake City.

You don’t want to be flagging down other drivers by the side of the road, and you certainly don’t want to be negotiating with car mechanics when you’re short of time, and desperate to get going.

That’s why you need to call Salt Lake City Towing. Wherever you are in Salt Lake City, we’ll dispatch one of our tow trucks to your vehicle’s location, with jumper cables ready to go; so that you and your family can get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Our roadside assistance technicians are fully certified and licensed, so you can feel safe putting your car batter in their hands any time.

10 Easy Jump Start Steps!

  1. We park our truck as closely as possible to your vehicle, engine to engine.
  2. Ensure your car is placed in neutral (manual), or park (automatic)
  3. Then turn off the engine, take out the keys and set your parking brake
  4. Time to pop the car hood, while our roadside assistance technician gets out the jumper cables
  5. The red clamp cable is attached on either end, to the “+” terminal of both batteries
  6. One black clamp cable is attached to our truck’s functioning “-“ battery terminal
  7. The unattached black clamp cable is secured to an unpainted, metallic part of your car.
  8. Importantly we make sure alternate clamps are not touching.
  9. We start our engines. After a minute or two you get to start yours
  10. You’re on your way!

It’s as simple as that!

Safe, Secure and Reliable, Get Your Jump Start From Salt Lake Towing Today!