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220 Million Tire Punctures Every Year in the United States

What Will You Do When Your Tire Goes Flat?

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Whether You’ve Got a Flat, A Puncture, Or You’re Simply Losing Pressure, We’ve Got You Covered.

Let’s be honest, there’s no shortage of road hazards out there. From broken glass to potholes and metallic debris, any commute or car trip can run afoul of these nasty obstructions.

Even apart from obvious obstacles, there’s always a chance that the tread on your old tires wears through on this journey.

Sure, under normal circumstances, changing a spare is no big deal. But when you start dealing with dangerous road conditions, low light levels and rush hour traffic; things start to get a little more dicey. Plus if you’re on your way to work there’s also the delay, and mess of tire replacement to deal with.

At Salt Lake City Towing

We bring years of on-the-go tire repair and replacement expertise to your roadside emergency in Utah or the greater Salt Lake City area.

That’s why, if You’ve Got a Flat Tire in Utah or Salt Lake City -

Here’s What To Do:

  • If you’re on the highway or in a high traffic area, turn on your hazard lights and pull over on to the side of the road. If possible, find a safe parking spot away from passing cars.
  • Try to find a level surface and make sure your parking brake is engaged.
  • Don’t worry about inspecting the damage too closely. Our tow truck drivers have the necessary tools and experience to assess and treat any issues you might be facing, including:
    • Punctures, cuts and cracks
    • Wear and tear on treads
    • Bubbling or blistering on your tire (misshapen)
    • Embedded debris (stones, glass, nails, wood splinters)
  • Remember that continuing to ride on a flat or punctured tire can damage your rims, and give cause for further repairs. So don’t attempt to keep driving once you know something is wrong.
  • Call Salt Lake City Towing, at any time, no matter where you’re located in Salt Lake
  • Our representative will put you in touch with a tow truck driver near you, who can get to your location as fast as possible.
  • Once our tow truck is at the scene, the technician will remove the deflated tire from the rim, and tow your car to a safer location if need be.
  • Then they’ll assess the damage and determine whether the tire is repairable. Usually small punctures, and tears that are smaller than ¼ inch, can be patched or plugged; as long as there’s no structural damage to the tire.
  • If we can fix the tire on spot, we’ll do so and re-inflate it to get you back on your way ASAP.
  • Otherwise we’ll replace the flat tire with your spare. If you don’t have a spare, then we can provide you with a temporary replacement until we can get you to the nearest tire store.