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towing near me salt lake city

If you’re in Utah or Salt Lake City; And you’re stuck on the Road with a Vehicle That Just Won’t Run.

You Don’t Need to Ask

Is There a Towing Truck Service Near Me?”

Because No Matter Where you Are in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City Towing Will Be There.

Sometimes your car just stops working. If you’re lucky then it happens when you’re still in your garage, but in worst cases you might be stuck at a busy intersection, or stranded out in on a lonely highway, in the middle of the night.

No matter what the circumstances, being deprived of your primary mode of transportation means stress and frustration.

At Salt Lake City Towing, we want to take the nerves out of your breakdown, by providing prompt, dependable, and secure towing services to our customers all over Utah and Salt Lake City. No matter where you’re located or what time your emergency occurs; give Salt Lake City Towing a call and we’ll dispatch a towing truck nearby as quickly as possible.

Our Full Service Tow Trucks are Equipped to Deal With Any Situation, Including:

  • Vehicles damaged in car accidents
  • Mechanical and electrical failures
  • Hazardous road conditions
  • Vehicles stuck in mud or snow.
  • Vehicles that need to be extricated from ditches or snow banks
  • Impounded vehicles
  • Lost/stolen vehicle recovery
  • Forfeited or evidentiary vehicles

We Can Handle Towing For Every Type of Vehicle

  • SUVs
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • ATVs
  • Vans
  • Commercial delivery vehicles
  • Cars

Our Towing Services are Second to None. Here’s what you Get When You Choose Salt Lake City Towing in Utah, and Salt Lake City.


Our goal is to provide you with the assistance you need as quickly as possible, even if you’re calling at 4 in the morning! As soon as you get in touch with our friendly customer service staff, they’re working to locate a Salt Lake City Towing, tow truck driver near you.


The last thing you want when you’re already stressed out is to deal with a less than reputable towing service provider. At Salt Lake City Towing, we’ve been operating in-state for almost 20 years, and we make sure our tow truck drivers are licensed and certified.

Salt Lake City Towing provides service you can depend on 24/7.


Other tow truck services might be cheaper, but we make sure our rates are as transparent as possible. If you’ve got a custom job, or vehicle then we’ll make sure to offer you a closest estimate before we dispatch a vehicle. If you do end up paying a few dollars extra we promise that our professional service team and courteous staff will more than make up for it.

Tools to Fit the Job

Our trucks come fully loaded with all the equipment necessary to make on-the-spot moves and repairs. We also offer flatbed towing for vehicles that require extra care, or long-haul towing.