Stuck on a deserted road because your car broke down or you met an accident? Call for roadside assistance!

Professional towing companies can be of great help in such emergencies because they can reach far away locations in a timely manner. They also have the trained staff and professional equipment required to efficiently and safely transport your vehicle from the road to anywhere you want.

However, towing companies will need some information to be able to reach you and help you out of the situation. So, make sure you have it ready when you call a professional towing company for help. Here’s what you need to know:

· Your Location

This is a no-brainer. The first thing a towing service provider will ask for is your precise location, so they can reach you. Therefore, make sure to check the GPS of your car or your mobile phone and know your exact location before calling the towing company.

· The Model and Condition of Your Car

This information will help the service provider figure out what type of towing truck they should send for help. It will also help them identify if they need to take any other measures to safely transport your vehicle. For example, if your vehicle is badly damaged, then they may need to send a flat-bed bow truck. But, if your car is only slightly damaged, then a wheel lift tow truck can do the job.

· Details about your vehicle insurance

The towing company may also ask for information regarding the type of vehicle insurance you have, so they can determine the type of coverage you have or the mode of payment.

·  Contact Information of Your Mechanic

While this isn’t necessary because you can get your car towed to your home, getting your car transported directly to your mechanic will save you from the hassle of taking your car from your home to the mechanic.

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Professional towing companies are of great help in roadside emergencies. However, they will need some information to be able to reach you and help you out of the situation. Read the article to find out what information you need to have when calling a professional towing company for help.