Around 46% of automobile accidents caused due to extreme weather conditions are due to rain. Driving in the rain is an extremely dangerous and challenging task, but it’s something you cannot avoid, no matter where you live.

Wet pavements can reduce control of your car and make it slide or skid. In contrast, rain reduces visibility. Both are a deadly combination when you are behind the wheel. Thus, it’s best to be prepared.

In this article, we will discuss the best tips for driving safely in the rain and why you always need to keep Salt Lake City towing truck company information in your car at all times.

Check’s Car Equipment

First and foremost, check your car’s equipment and see if it is viable for driving in the rain. For example, the windshield wipers, the tire’s tread, battery life, headlight, taillights, etc., all should be in working order. After a few months, it is also recommended to routinely change your windshield wipers, or they will scratch and damage your windshield, reducing visibility.

Brake Slowly

One of the most important tips for driving safely in the rain is braking slowly. You should be very cautious when braking in the rain. For example, if you brake too fast on wet pavement, due to reduced traction in the front tires, your car will slide forward and can bump into the front vehicle. Thus, brake slowly and early to indicate the rear vehicles and avoid a collision. Moreover, understeering and oversteering can also be dangerous in rainy weather, so find the balance and stay alert.

Avoid Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning occurs when your tires lose contact with the road due to the fast-accumulating water between its tread. The loss of traction causes the car to not respond to braking or accelerating, thus easily leading to an accident. In such a situation, don’t lose focus, don’t slam on the brakes; instead, ease off the gas pedal, slow down until you regain traction, and steer cautiously.

Turn On Your Headlights

Among the many tips of driving safely in the rain, checking visibility is most important. Why? The consistent rain droplets on your windshield are very disorientating for the driver. Even with a windshield wiper, the visibility is low. Thus, even in the daytime, keep your headlights on so that all drivers around you can see your vehicle from far away.

Keep Roadside Assistance Contact

You need to be prepared for any situation. There are high chances that your car might break down in the rain. Thus, keep the contact information of a Salt Lake City Towing Truck company in case of an emergency. The professionals can take care of you and your car in such situations and ensure the least damage occurs and you get home safely.

There are several other tips for driving safely in the rain. For example, maintaining a safe distance between the cars, ventilating your car, and avoiding splashing and driving in the rain at night. We wouldn’t recommend you drive in rainy weather at all, but if it’s necessary, stay alert and keep a reliable Salt Lake City towing truck company contact on hand.