Having your car break down right in the middle of the road is frustrating. What is even more troubling is when your car comes to an abrupt halt during a snowstorm. The extreme weather condition makes it impossible for you to either sit in the car for long or come out of the car to take in the fresh air.

Even though you can call for towing services if you ever face such a situation, it is also important to adopt a proactive approach and to ensure that you don’t really have to encounter such a scary situation. In this article, we’ll have a look at winter care tips that you must follow to ensure that your car doesn’t ditch you in the middle of your journey.

1. Tires

If you are leaving in colder regions where the sun comes out rarely and a major portion of the year witnesses snow, you should consider in investing snow tires. This will help you to drive on the snow-covered roads and reduce the chances of a car emergency. In case you don’t feel like making the investment, what you can do is to ensure that your existing tires are in good condition.

2. Battery

During winter, the chances of the malfunctioning of the car battery are high. This is why it is essential to perform a volt test on your battery to make sure that your battery is strong enough to endure the months of winter. This test is important for you if you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of the car with a car that won’t start.

3. Light

During winter, the sun sets earlier. As a result, you will have to spend more days in dark. While driving in the dark is not difficult, it still demands you to exercise caution. In the winter months, make sure that all your exterior lights are in the best condition. If they are out, replace the bulb. Also, make sure that they are not foggy or yellow-looking, if that’s the case; take it as the sign to replace the bulb at the earliest.

4. Antifreeze

Also known as coolant, antifreeze is essential for your engine especially during winter. Antifreeze ensures that your engine is not freezing. In winter months, keep your coolant levels high and ensure that there aren’t any leaks from where your coolant may drain.

5. Full Tank of Gas

During winter months, the one thing that you shouldn’t ignore is keeping your gas tank full. It will keep accumulated water inside of your fuel pump from freezing. Also, another advantage of having a full tank of gas is that you can keep the car on and the heat running if you get stuck.


In the event of a vehicle breakdown, the first thing that you should do is to call for help. While calling for help is an easy process, we do understand how frustrating it is to witness that your car has stopped working. To ensure that you never encounter such a situation, it is important to keep your car in a good condition and prepare it to withstand the winter season.