Every other day, we read horrific news stories relating to toddlers or schoolgoing children getting trapped inside a car. Even though parents are always vigilant and do everything they can to protect their children, they cannot possibly prevent accidents.

Also, at a young age, toddlers are more adventurous and love to try out different things. Sometimes, they get inside a car and pretend to be either ‘Mommy’ or ‘Daddy’ behind the wheel. This act of innocence takes a dramatic turn when the child accidentally locks themselves inside the car.

To see your small kid trapped inside a car is nothing less than a nightmare. However, in these discombobulating moments, parents shouldn’t panic and should, instead, focus on getting the child out of the car safely.  

Things to Do if Your Child Is Locked Inside a Car

1. Call for Help

Having your child trapped inside a car is indeed a grave situation, which is why it is important to call for help without wasting any time. Besides calling 911, you should contact a towing company whose prompt response will help you save your child in a timely manner. Since towing companies provide car lockout services, they should be called at the earliest. Most of the time, these companies reach the location before the police and fire department do.

2. Remain Calm

It is no denying that you can’t possibly remain calm in such a situation. However, for the safety of your child, you have to be calm. When you are panicking, you may find it difficult to make a decision. If you are calm, you can easily give instructions to your child and persuade them to either roll down the window or unlock the door.

3. Block the Sunlight

If your car is parked outside, without a shed, it is exposed to direct sunlight. This means that with each passing minute, the temperature inside the car is rising. This, undoubtedly, is a dangerous situation. Try and cover the car windows with a blanket or any other material to block the sunlight and remain the car cooler until the help arrives.

4.  Take Note of the Time

In your desperation, you may not think it is necessary to take note of the time when your child was trapped inside the car. However, it is necessary to do so. If your child is trapped for a longer time, you have to break the glass to rescue them. In the same manner, if your child needs medical attention, it is important to have an idea of how long your child had been inside the car so that they can be treated accordingly.


You might be surprised to learn that incidents of a child getting trapped inside a car are very common across the US. At times, these unfortunate incidents have led to grave consequences. As a parent, you are always on your toes. When such an incident happens, don’t question your parenting skills and be hard on yourself. Instead, focus on your child’s safety.