Getting a flat tire is never pleasant, especially when you’re all alone on the highway. A flat tire situation is not just the height of inconvenience, but it also poses a serious safety threat if you’re on the highway. Driving any further with a flat tire in search of a workshop is the worst thing to do.

While we can point out multiple things that you shouldn’t do in such a situation, talking about the things to do will be the right approach. To ensure your safety and your vehicle’s safety on the highway, we’ve listed down all the right things that you should if you ever end up getting a flat tire, and that too, on the highway.

1. Pull Over

The moment you realize you’ve had a flat tire, you should immediately slow down, turn the hazards on, and pull over to the side of the road. Hitting on the breaks will only increase the chances of colliding with the oncoming cars. You should be very careful while getting off your car. It is better to exit from the side of the car that is not facing the road.

2. Don’t Attempt to Change the Tire Yourself

Changing a flat tire yourself is not difficult or dangerous, but when you’re talking about getting a flat tire on the highway, you shouldn’t attempt to change the tire yourself. People usually drive at a very high speed on the highway, and it might not always be possible for the oncoming cars to stop or slow down. Trying to change the tire yourself on a highway increases the risk of accidents, and therefore, doing so is highly discouraged.

3. Call For Help

Once you’re certain your car isn’t on the road or in the way of the oncoming cars, you can now call for help. Calling a reliable towing company that offers tire change services is the smartest thing to do. A towing company will send personnel with the tire change kit and help you change the flat tire in no time.

4. Stay Safe

After you’ve called the towing company, you need to keep yourself safe, especially if you’re alone. Highways are usually deserted, and the chances of theft or similar incidents are quite high. Therefore, while you’re waiting for the towing company representative to arrive, stay inside the car and try not to entertain questions from random strangers.


Getting a flat tire on the highway can be very frustrating. Not only this, but it also exposes you to the threat of theft and risk of accidents. So, the first thing that you shouldn’t do in this situation is panic. Instead, stay calm, turn your hazards on, pull over, and call for help. And while you wait for help, keep your guards up high and don’t fall prey to any theft or vandalism incidents. A reliable towing company won’t keep you waiting for too long.